Keeping You Safe, One Step at a Time


Q. How do I install NSS Stair treads?

A. Please see the installation instructions at the top of the home page for detailed instructions on interior and exterior installation over masonry, wood or metal stairs.

Q. Can I get NSS Stair treads cut to my specific size?

A. Unlike most catalogue or supply houses, NSS can supply you a custom sized stair tread. Just pick your tread and put your measurement in the order form. Then pick a quantity and your pricing will be displayed. Pieces over 96 inches may require shipping surcharges if going by Fedex or UPS. Maximum size for any one piece is 144 inches.

Q. How durable are NSS Stair treads?

A. NSS stair treads are made from aircraft grade aluminum and are extremely durable. They will save you an enormous amount of labor time and costs over their life. Many cheap solutions will need to be replaced yearly and require a great deal of time and effort to replace. We have customers where treads have been in place for decades with no need for replacement. Proper maintenance and cleaning is essential to long life as it is with any product. Please remember they are not self-supporting. They should be installed over sound, level stairs.

We are happy to supply samples to show the quality of our treads.

Q. Can NSS Stair treads be used indoor and outdoor?

A. NSS stair treads are a perfect solution indoor and outdoor. They have been in use indoors in office buildings, restaurants, production facilities, retail stores, as well as oil change and service stations. They have worked equally well outdoors on boats, trucks, subways, trains, schools and parking garages.

Let us send you a sample to see for yourself.

Q. What are the differences between HD ( Heavy Duty ) and SD (Super Duty) Stair treads?

A. HD stair treads come in sizes from 3 inches to 11 inches wide (front to back). They have aluminum ribs with non-slip material between the ribs. They are a durable and economical way to address stair safety issues.

SD stair treads come with only one rib and in sizes from 9 inches to 11 inches. The SD non-slip epoxy is specially made to be less porous and works well in areas that are oily or greasy. They clean easily and blend in well with the surroundings.

Note: Back bevel on each tread can be removed to make treads 1 inch less deep.

Q. Are NSS Stair treads easy to maintain?

A. Yes they are. Please review the maintenance instructions at the top of our website home page. Remember proper maintenance is essential to longevity in any product. Keep the stairs clean of debris with a broom or vacuum weekly and remove gum as detailed in our maintenance instructions.

Q. How many gallons of the NSS Coatings do I need to order for my application?

A. Good question. Figure out the square footage of the area you desire to coat. Then refer to the order form for the square footage each gallon of your specific coating covers. This will determine how many gallons you need to order. Remember to round up as a little too much is always better than running short.